Class naming convention

Warn if the class name does not conform to the specified rules.

Rule Details

👎 Examples of incorrect code for this rule

{ "class-naming": "/[a-z]+(?:__[a-z]+(?:--[a-z]+))?/" }

<div class="Block"></div>

👍 Examples of correct code for this rule

{ "class-naming": "/[a-z]+(?:__[a-z]+(?:--[a-z]+))?/" }

<div class="block"></div>

Setting value

  • Type: string | string[]
  • Required
  • Default value: none

Sets a string that represents a regular expression or its array. Regular expressions are interpreted as regular expressions by enclosing them in /. It is possible to add a flag like /.*/ ig (regular expressions can only be interpreted by JavaScript)

Default severity